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22 friends see the Fatherheart of God as they consecrate themselves to St Joseph

A group of friends decided to consecrate themselves to St Joseph and before they could do so they went on a spiritual journey. For many of them, this became a time when they saw the Fatherheart of God in St Joseph as they learnt more about him during the 33-day journey.

There were 22 of them and they have been meeting regularly since February this year to do the Flame of Love devotion. The consecration was held on May 13 – on the day of the Solemnity of the Ascension of Our Lord via live streaming. One of the 22 is Devid Rajah and this is what he says he felt on the day of the consecration.

I felt I didn’t have any control of my emotions when I was praying the Act of Consecration to St Joseph on May 13, in the presence of Rev Fr Raymond Pereira, the parish priest of the Church of St Thomas More and 21 others. Many times, tears welled up in my eyes, and I almost broke down as I said the prayers. I had experienced this same feeling several times in the confessional. 

It was a moment where I felt a mighty Spirit in me and around me. I did not see Jesus, Mary or St Joseph there, but I truly believe I felt their presence. I also felt that I am called to share many of the amazing stories that I have read about Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

Later I discovered several others who took part in this 33-day consecration journey, also felt like crying on that day, where the Church celebrated the Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima. To us, the members of the Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary prayer group, it was a triple celebration, because we consecrated yourselves to St Joseph.

We really felt honoured and blessed to have Fr Raymond Pereira, 
witness and bless our Act of Consecration to St Joseph. All the consecration group members stayed committed throughout the 33-Day journey, which started on April 11, the Divine Mercy Sunday.

Among us was a Franciscan religious Sister, four members of a family, and a pair of siblings. We even had someone from Perth, Australia. 

Many participants felt Fr Donald Calloway’s book on Consecration to St Joseph The Wonders of Our Spiritual Father has led them to better understand this silent but glorious Saint and his role in protecting Jesus and Mary.

Fr Calloway’s message to participants were: “Do you know how blessed you are? You have been chosen by God to be the recipient of a tremendous blessing in spiritual life. You are invited to imitate the virtues and holiness of St Joseph’s pure heart. With St Joseph at your side, virtue and holiness will increase in your life.”

We truly believe that Jesus, Mary and Joseph, guided all of us to make this Act of Consecration on this very significant day, where the whole Church celebrates The Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima

Journey With Us – Asia wishes all of you a Blessed Father’s Day and may each one of you grow to love Our Father more and more each passing day especially in this Year of St Joseph.