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Roseline with Alysha behind her - both are now in heaven.

Alysha and Roseline were just like Elizabeth and Mary – The Visitation Reenacted


This month of the Rosary, every time I meditate on the second decade of the Joyful Mystery, The Visitation, it brings a tear to my eye.
The Visitation speaks of Mary visiting her cousin, Elizabeth, who was pregnant for the first time. Mary, caring in nature, became Elizabeth’s caregiver, as Elizabeth was older and she felt that Elizabeth could do with some help. Mary did all this while she, herself, was pregnant for the first time.
Last year, I lost my dearest Goddaughter Roseline Shanti, who lost her battle to cancer and returned to Our Lord on Oct 27. While Roseline was going through a rough time battling the dreaded disease, undergoing chemotherapy and dealing with all the side effects, the person who stood by and helped her through it all was none other than her sister-in-law, Alysha Premala, her elder brother, Gopi’s wife.
Alysha saw to it that Roseline was looked after at all times. Alysha stayed in USJ Petaling Jaya, and Roseline was in Desa Jaya, Kepong. Alysha got a comfortable bed from hospice for Roseline and since Roseline needed wound dressing and regular changing of clothes and diapers, she also paid for a trained caregiver to take care of her.
Alysha made regular visits to see that Roseline was well taken care of. Roseline herself spoke of how her sister-in-law went out of her way to take care of her.
Alysha stood by Roseline, taking care of her needs, while at the same time, battling cancer herself. She was also going through chemotherapy but put up a brave front for Roseline, not letting her know that she had a relapse and had to go through the recovery process again. Alysha never wanted her sister-in-law to worry about her.

Alysha in one of her chemotherapy sessions.

When Roseline returned to Our Lord, Alysha was at peace, as now she could battle her own cancer, with her husband and three children by her side. On Sept 3, though wheelchair bound, Alysha attended her final function, the wedding of her youngest sister-in-law, Petrina. Her health deteriorated rapidly after that and she succumbed to cancer on Sept 25 this year.
When I saw her lifeless body lying on the bed, I couldn’t help noticing how peaceful she looked. The look that said “I did my best, and I go peacefully to join Roseline in heaven”.
Rest in peace Alysha Premala, you taught us to be like Mary, to think of others before we see to our own needs. You lived the second Joyful Mystery, “The Visitation”.

Our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Alysha Premala. May her soul rest in peace. – Journey With Us – Asia