You are currently viewing Gabriel Nathan uses his tent business as offering during Holy Infant Jesus Feast Day
Flag-raising ceremony on the first of the nine-day Holy Infant Jesus feast day celebrations at Holy Infant Jesus Chapel in Kuala Selangor on Jan 25, 2020. Gabriel Nathan is at the flag pole (far left) while Fr Sebastian Arputharaj performed the ceremony.

Gabriel Nathan uses his tent business as offering during Holy Infant Jesus Feast Day

JANUARY 30, 2020: Gabriel Nathan and his family have been giving a different kind of offering to God for the past 35 years. The offering comes in the form tents and audio-visual equipment for the Holy Infant Jesus Feast Day celebrations at their parish.

Nathan speaking to Journey With Us – Asia during meal time after the mass on Jan 25 – under one of his tents.

“Every year I supply tents, chairs, lighting, fans and mobile air-con units for the feast day,” said Nathan, aged 58. He was born in Kuala Selangor and has been living here all this while.

Nathan would put up tents and fix all the necessary equipment just outside the Holy Infant Jesus Chapel in Kuala Selangor to cater to the more than 1,000 people who attend the feast day celebrations. The chapel, which comes under the administration of the St Paul the Hermit Church, can only hold about 50 people.

During the nine-day celebration, he closes his business and does not take any orders. This is his way of showing his adoration and reverence to Jesus Christ, and also as a form of thanksgiving for all the good God has done in his live.

“I owe my success to the many blessings that our Lord Jesus Christ has showered upon me and my family,” he said, adding that his business has been running well and that God has provided all his needs.

He even goes as far as to make sure that any new equipment or fittings that he buys is first used at the Holy Infant Jesus Feast Day celebration before it is used for his business. In his own way he is giving the firstfruit of his labour to God.

The Holy Infant Jesus Chapel in Kuala Selangor.

When asked about the cost involved, he said: “I cannot tell you the cost of providing the tent and equipment. This is my contribution to the Chapel and to God.”

The tent set up at the cemented space next to the church is a high sturdy one that can withstand any kind of weather. This space is the venue for masses during the nine-day celebrations. This weekend about 1,500 people are expected to attend the English mass and another 1,500 for the Tamil mass on Sunday (Feb 2), according to parishioner Anthonesamy.

The red chairs by the side are brand news ones which will be used to accommodate the pilgrims who will be coming this weekend (Feb 1-2). These chairs will be added to the 500 older ones that are already there, closer to the altar. This shot was taken after the mass on Jan 25, the first of the nine-day celebration.

Nathan bought 1,000 new plastic chairs this year and as always he has them at the chapel for them to be used at the feast day. “Our church people and visitors will get to use it before we use it for our business.”

Nathan together with his five brothers have been doing this business for 35 years now. He gets contracts from different parts of the Klang Valley and as far as Nilai. His tents that can shelter about 3,500 people.

Feel free to contact Gabriel Nathan at 012-975-9303.