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St Louis Church in the heart of Taiping town. Screenshot from a video in the Taiping Catholic Church facebook page.

Good to be back in church for mass in beautiful Taiping

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By K. Anand AUG 18, 2020

It was five years ago when I first came to the beautiful town of Taiping to visit the woman who would become my wife. It was a Sunday like this year, and I followed her to the St Louis Church in the heart of this historical town for a 3pm mass. I had never been for a mass at 3pm anywhere in the world so it was also a nice feeling of novelty for me.

As it turned out, the church held an additional mass at that time for the third day as part of an Assumption Day triduum. The celebration included a talk by a speaker who was invited to share about our faith, though I can’t recall the exact title of his presentation.

It was my first time at St Louis, which is one of two churches in town which make up the one parish of Taiping Catholic Church. The other one being the Church of Our Lady of Sacred Heart (OLSH) in Klian Pauh, about 3km from St Louis.

K. Anand

They were two separate parishes for many decades until sometime in the 1990s when the Penang Diocese decided to merge both churches into one and have one parish priest govern both churches.

Today (Sunday, Aug 16), five years later, and in the middle of a pandemic with strict controls on all kinds of public gatherings, I attended the regular 9.45am mass at St Louis for only the second time since the Movement Control Order started in mid-March.

The first mass I attended was four weeks ago. The different BECs are grouped and take turns to attend the mass with all names given beforehand by the respective BEC coordinators. So it was our turn again and my wife and I were feeling blessed to participate in the celebration of the Eucharist, receiving Christ in the Holy Communion. It was also extra special for me because for the first time since February, I was given the duty of being a lector.

It was such a relief when I got to the lectern for it was the only time I could remove the face mask altogether in church … for the brief time I proclaimed the Word of God. After the reading, I returned to my place at the frontmost pew and put my face mask back on.

The same date, five years apart. What an experience it has been and glory be to God for how He has brought me so far in being able to serve in some small way at this beautiful church of St Louis in Taiping.