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How Divine Mercy devotion to Jesus rescued Sally from evil spirits

This is a testimony told to Journey With Us – Asia on the condition that the identity be left out. Sally is a pseudonym and that is the only part of this story that is not real.

JULY 2, 2021: There was one point in Sally’s life which can be described as horrifying. She had pain all over her body for no reason and doctors were not able to find out why. That was not all, she found out that she had evil spirits living inside her.

One day while she was with her doctor during consultation, she found that she was speaking to him in a different voice and that that voice was not hers. It was then that she realised she had bigger problems to deal with than her physical pain. That was about six years ago and Sally was was in her late 50s then, married with a daughter.

Sally was brought up as a Catholic. “I come from a Catholic family where everyone – my parents and their parents, my uncles and aunties and cousins were all Catholics. There was no one who was not a Catholic.”

She would walk down the road every Sunday morning to church with all her family members, sit in the pew and then her mind would wander and not bother about what was going on, not even the sermon. Attending mass was a ritual, a habit, something she had to do because everyone else did it. Even her confirmation was like that. Just another ritual in her life.

All this came to an end when she became an adult. She decided to not to go for masses anymore. She got further away from God when she fell in love, got married and moved to the big city to start a new life. She and her husband had a baby girl and God was completely out of the picture.

“Voices coming out of me”

Then came a day that puzzles her to this day. “About eight or nine years ago, suddenly I had all kinds of body pain. I did MRI, etc. But nothing could be detected. Every part – my arms, body, stomach, neck. This went on for about four years. I almost went into depression. I even went to a psychiatrist. But nothing helped.”

“Not until I knelt down and prayed to God. There was a lot of disturbances, pulling me away from God. Something will come and disturb me. Not a good spirit. There were voices coming out of me. I could not control those voices. And I was not sure who it was.”

When asked for details, Sally said: “Hard to tell if it was a male or female or if there was more than one voice. I knew what was happening but I was not in control.”

So she turned to a friend who was one of the leaders of St Ignatius Church at that time. “I asked him to pray for me. One time when he was with me and praying for me, I would fight him. It was actually another person fighting with him. Then when we enter the Prayer Room or when passing the Tabernacle, I would hit him.”  

Divine Mercy Prayer

“He asked me to recite the Divine Mercy Prayer at 3pm that day. But before I could do that, the disturbances will start. It’ll block me. The words won’t come out of my mouth. But I was determined to fight against it. The Lord just led me. From then on, I continued praying. My friend guided me and also prayed for me.”

Sally said she did not go for any kind of deliverance because what happened was she made it a point to constantly pray and be in a prayerful state. “I committed myself to certain prayers. I prayed one particular prayer every day for a year or for a month.” She completely surrendered herself to Jesus on her own accord. “I dedicated my body to Jesus. So who can touch me? No one can.”

One of the major turning points was when she started going for confession. “It was about 30 to 40 years since I last went for confession.” Only after that, things started to get better for Sally spiritually. “It was as though the Lord had been waiting for me all these years. Just that I was too stubborn.”

From then on, Sally got involved in church ministries and started praying for others. She continued praying the Divine Mercy Prayer at 3pm since then to this day. The pain in her body is still there but not as bad as it was before.

“I go for physiotherapy regularly. But I have not given up hope because I know God will see me through. The pain is so much less than before. Before I found it hard to eat or sleep but now I can.”

“All the pain I’m going through feels something like the pain Jesus went through when carrying the cross. But all my pain is nothing compared to all His pain.”

Hearing the voice of God

“I became more spiritual since then. My spiritual life has changed, my lifestyle has changed. I got the gift of tongues and have become more involved in the Charismatic ministry and other ministries in my parish. Even my sister could not believe it. I now have a relationship with God. Whatever I pray for and ask, I can hear what He’s saying.”

When her sister told her to go back to the family house because their mother was in her deathbed, Sally prayed to God asking Him to allow her the chance to see her mother before she died. But Sally said she felt God telling her that she would be able to be with her mother in her last days.  

“I had one week with my mother. I prayed with her, said the chaplet, holding her hands. God gave me one week with her just as He promised. I can’t believe that I can have this relationship with the Lord. I am so blessed.”

Saturday night traffic

There was one time Sally’s husband was not well and had to be rushed to a private hospital in Subang Jaya on a Saturday night.

“I can’t drive so we had to take a Grab (ride hailing service) and when we went there the doctor told us how much it can cost. There is always extra charge when it is the weekend and at night. He advised us to go to UH where it would be cheaper. It was raining heavily and I was not sure if we could make it to UH. We took another Grab to UH and we reached there in 15mins! All went smoothly.”  

“If not for the Lord, my husband would have gone.”

The Voice in the Prayer Room

One time she was in the Prayer Room with one other person – a woman – and they were both reciting the Divine Mercy prayer. “Suddenly, I heard a man chanting together with us right to the end.” She thought this man came into the room after them and was sitting at the back f the room. “In the middle of the prayer, I turned around and there was no one else in the Prayer Room. I know that was Jesus praying with me. His voice filled the room.”

Heart of gratitude

“I have a beautiful life now. My brothers and sisters cannot believe how much I’ve changed.” Sally also makes it a point to pray for the needs of others. In fact, she has seen many of her prayers answered, especially for childless couples to conceive.

“I have seen all sorts of trials in my life and I have learnt not to give up but to lean on the Lord.”