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Annie Ling (top right) conducting a workshop with participants via online recently. Since the Movement Control Order came into force, she has been conducting her sessions online. Photo courtesy of: Annie Ling

The story of Annie Ling and the journey to finding her inner calling

It was 2006 and Annie Ling was working in Pakistan as a senior manager in an international telecommunication company, setting up sales and marketing teams in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. She had been in there for two years and everything seemed to be going well but her stint there had to come to a stop when the project ended and also due to some health issues.

She returned to Malaysia and soon after she started feeling she was without a clear direction or purpose.

“Without the work position and income, I felt lost – a sense of despair. I went through a difficult period of searching, healing and restoration in my life. I didn’t know who I was, deep inside. I faced this existential question about me and my life. I wanted answers,” said Ling, aged 53 and who now lives in Puchong.

Her life had previously been filled with so many external matters that she had failed to take care of her inner self.

“I was going through life, caught up in the demands of work with very little time for myself, and for my care and growth. Work, bosses, family and friends always came before me. I was feeling like I was not living my life fully and felt that I was not able to reach my full potential,” said the Sitiawan-born Ling.

This struggle with her inner self went on for many years. Then she remembered attending a workshop years earlier. It was the Who Am I Workshop, one of the workshops and training designed by PRH (more on that below).

The workshop helped Ling delve into the inner most part of her being and made her discover the true essence or “core” as she puts it.

“It helped me learn to have clarity about myself, to cut the noise around me and still myself. I learned to have deeper inner reflection and to touch the beautiful God- given life that exists within me. In my brokenness, I am whole, for I am made beautiful by my Creator. This allows me to experience a deeper connection to God deep within me.”  

In late 2006, Ling decided to revisit that experience in the hope that she would lift herself out of the dark situation she was in. She attended more workshops.

Photo courtesy of: Annie Ling

“As I come to discover and touch more and more the inner goodness in my being, I learn to quieten down, be more present and a greater acceptance of who I am. As I journey inward, I feel more connected to God in the very being of me. I learn to desire that quietness and be in His presence. Just be humbled before Him,” said Ling, who is a parishioner at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Puchong.

“I had poor self image, I could not accept my giftedness and was not able to give my full measure and reach potentiality. I was constantly seeking acceptance from others and rely on others for my happiness and well being. Through the work of inner reflection, I started to have more clarity about my life. I learn ways to live my daily life better, to relate better with others, manage my emotions and care for myself and my family. I start to build solidity within me, learn to be more assertive as a person.

Then in May 2013, she felt deep within her a calling to share PRH with others and for her vocation to be a PRH educator. “I have been privileged to live this healing journey and regained my love for life and development for others. I felt called to help those who seek growth, seek to be heard and accepted and those seek to understand themselves better.”

Ling has had more than 25 years of corporate working experience in various companies and industries, ranging from homegrown to multinational companies and in industries such as logistics, office automation, technology, consulting, fashion and telecommunications.

“My broad based exposure allows me to understanding on how businesses operate. I have hands-on experience in a wide array of functions and roles (from executive to senior management) that included sales, marketing, training and development, project management, operations, human resources, office facilities and safety and health,” said Ling. She graduated from Universiti Sains Malaysia with a degree in Humanities (with Education).

Ling has trained more than 150 people to date.

Those who are interested can contact Ling via Whatsapp@012-2079331 or email her at

Ling and PRH

In late 2006, Ling attended PRH workshops and these were the ones: Loving and Being Loved, Exploring My Inner World, Learning to be Helped, Learning to Help Others, and Way to Being, Way to God.

PRH stands for Personality and Human Relationships (PRH – Personnalité et Relations Humaines), an international school of education for personal development for adults, young adults – individuals, couples and groups. Since the early 80s, PRH courses were brought in by Fondacio as PRH Educator was not yet available in Malaysia. Today, PRH in Malaysia is an independent entity that continues to collaborate with Fondacio for growth and development workshops.

PRH offers educational programmes for adults from all walks of life and faith, who want to increase self-awareness and achieve a higher degree of self-fulfilment and it is done through self-discovery process rather than a teaching process. It has been around for more than 40 years, is present in 30 countries, and was founded by French Catholic priest Fr Andre Rochais in 1970.

The workshop helped Ling delve into the inner most part of her being and made her discover the true essence or “core” as she puts it.

“PRH workshops and the tools helped me to discover the core of me – who I am, my aspirations, my giftedness, qualities, my identity, and it deepened my relationship with God. As I come to discover and touch more and more the inner goodness in my being, I learn to quieten down, be more present and a greater acceptance of who I am,” said Ling.

“Through PRH, I came to understand the way I was functioning that was unhealthy.”

Ling is currently the sole certified PRH Facilitator and Growth Accompanist in Malaysia. She received her formations in Melbourne, Australia, and  intensive formation currently by PRH International in Jakarta.

She started giving PRH formations since last year, mainly short modules ranging from three to twelve hours. These sessions were conducted mainly at her PRH Formation centre in Puchong, and also at other premises.

She has conducted PRH workshops for the Catholic Mission School at the Majodi Centre in Johor Bahru, Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Puchong, Church of St Francis Xavier in Petaling Jaya, and also for corporate clients like International Medical University, Masterweld Puchong, and iForte.

The modules she has used include: Authentic Encounters; Language of the Heart; Being Active and Creative with a Personal Growth Workbook (a module to help us discover our inner gifts and aspirations); Less Stress in My Daily Life; It is Possible; When I say No; I don’t feel comfortable; and Power of Feelings.

“Participants found PRH workshops to be insightful and meaningful. They are able to take the goodness within themselves and draw strength and learn from it. Many say they can relate better with others.”

This year Ling plans to run one of the foundation PRH workshops and the one that got her interested in PRH, Who Am I. This is an intensive four-day workshop in November 2020 to help participants find the core of their identity and aspirations and how he/she can learn to live as who the person is meant to be. Also, in the current challenging climate, she conducts her interactive workshops online.

Ling will also offer additional new short modules entitled Friendship is Contagious; Asserting Myself Respectfully and The Gesture of Love in the coming months. PRH formation sessions are small group learning sessions (up to only 15 people per sessions) for an effective learning environment.

“PRH’s humanistic-psycho pedagogy approach is meant for everyone from all walks of life and faith, also including people from the corporate sector,” said Ling.

“As for this year, six formation sessions have been planned with Church of St Francis Xavier, Petaling Jaya. I will continue to collaborate closely with Fondacio Malaysia to offer sessions for the Catholic community.

“My mission is to share PRH formation workshops and tools to everyone in Malaysia, regardless of their background and faith. I aspire to help one to find riches within themselves, and grow solidly as persons, find their purpose and happiness in life.”

Those who are interested to know more about the programmes offered for 2020, which include one to one helping session and online sessions for those from outside of the Klang Valley, please contact Ling.