About Journey With Us – Asia

This is a website on the Catholic churches we visit and the people we meet who are part of the Catholic community and who are serving the Catholic Church and its missions.

We want to bring positive stories and we choose to stay away from controversies or debates on religious matters or policies. For those who want these, there are many other publications you can go to. Besides, we feel the clergy and others are more equipped to address matters relating to theology and doctrines. We do not have the schooling for this.

We want to write about people. The ordinary person, who is out there doing his/her bit to show the world who Jesus is. We want to write about people who can inspire others by doing simple ordinary things and by following Christian principles.

We want to write about the different churches out there and talk about the events that are going on. So we can see what is going on in different parts of the Catholic world and be encouraged.

This is who we are – Devid Rajah and Vanitha Nadaraj

This blog is run by the two of us, a husband-and-wife team. We attend mass at St Ignatius Church in Petaling Jaya and sometimes at other Catholic churches. We were married by the late Fr Anthony Thomas at the Visitation Church in Seremban and that is also where our three children were baptised, received their first communion and were confirmed.

We were both journalists and we have conducted media training at Cahayasuara in KL, the Church of Our Lady of Assumption in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei, and the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Puchong.